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Home Boarding for Dogs Throughout Grantham, Sleaford and Newark

Why Choose The Dog's Bed

Our own dog, Bentley, waiting outside the front door, wearing his scarf!

Years of Experience

We have been providing home boarding for dogs since 2010 and we have done so because it's genuinely what we love to do. Whilst we don't blame those who have recently begun providing dog boarding as a way to combat recession or redundancy, we sleep well knowing that we chose to do it without those pressures.

Careful and Selective

In the same way that you wouldn't leave your dog with just any carer, we don't take just any dog who turns up wanting home boarding.

We insist on meeting all dogs prior to offering home boarding and decline any dog which we feel is not suited to the home boarding environment. We also decline boarding for certain breeds which have proved to be too problematic for home boarding.

Our own dog, Bentley, waiting outside the front door, wearing his scarf!

Personal and Popular

There is absolutely no franchise incentive here. It's a genuine small business conducted in a normal dog-loving child-free home, and we invite every client to view our home and meet our own dog, Bentley, before making any decision to board with us.

We have achieved the popularity that we have entirely through positive word-of-mouth. We have never done a day's advertising since 2010.

Open and Honest

We publish our enviable popularity on our website for all to see. We show the number of dogs registered with us, the number of bookings we take, the average booking period, and more besides. This data is 100% accurate and up to date to help you judge whether we are right for you.

Our own dog, Bentley, waiting outside the front door, wearing his scarf!

Value for Money

We believe that our price of £20 per night gives real value for money, especially when you compare the benefits of home boarding against that of kennels.

Kennels typically charge around £17 per day and, by definition, cannot offer the same level of attention and comfort that home boarding provides.

Clean, Hygienic & Secure

Our home is kept scrupulously clean and tidy and the decked garden is routinely disinfected between dog visits. Security is maintained with wrought iron fencing and an always locked gate which is secured by motion-sensitive CCTV.

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21 Portmarnock Way, Grantham, Lincolnshire. NG31 9FL. Telephone: 07577 409095