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Home Boarding for Dogs Throughout Grantham, Sleaford and Newark

Frequent Booking Discount Scheme

Thank you for your frequent dog boarind bookingsAt a time when most businesses seem interested only in creating special deals to attract new customers, I wanted to create a way to reward my most loyal ones; the clients who frequently send their dogs to The Dog's Bed for home boarding year after year.

And so I created the Frequent Booking Discount Scheme. How it works is simple...

You book your dog in for boarding for 25 days or more from January 1st to December 31st and you will receive a discount on your home boarding prices the following year.

Checking Your Progress

To find out whether you have already qualified for your discount in the following year, or to see how many more days of dog boarding you need to book to qualify, you just need to login to your account page.

Your booking statistics will be shown on your account, showing how many days of home boarding you have booked your dog in for during the current year, and how many more days of boarding you need to qualify for a discount next year.

Ranking: Your ranking shows your position in terms of the number of home boarding bookings you make with The Dog's Bed. For example, if the above image showed your ranking (14th), it would mean that that 13 other people have created more bookings than you.

Have You Qualified?

Once you have reached the minimum number of days boarding required to qualify for a discount on the following year's home boarding prices, you will see a congratulatory message on your account page:

Consider it my way of saying a heartfelt thank you for repeatedly trusting The Dog's Bed to care for your dog. It really is appreciated.

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